Saturday, February 28, 2009


One of the best things about having a missionary are the letters. I know missionaries can email now and Shaun does. He sends a weekly family and friends email which is usually about investigators and spiritual things and I always get my own personal email. But there is something about getting a letter in the mail every week (and yes Shaun has sent one every week since he left) that is just more personal. It's also where I get to read about the crazy stuff that happens or the crazy things Shaun is doing. His stories always make me laugh so I figured I'd give an update on some of the "interesting" parts of missionary life.


1. A man opened his door wearing nothing but a diaper and acted like it was perfectly normal while he stood there talking to Shaun and his companion.
2. A lady came out on her porch and yelled "If you are Jehovah's Witnesses then get off my property." Shaun said he kindly answered that they weren't. The lady stopped, paused for a minute and said "Well get off my property anyway." She stormed inside and slammed the door.
3. Shaun was sure he found Willie Nelson one day while tracting.
4. A man opened the door with a knife in his hand. He said his name was Job. He took a Book of Mormon and then promptly returned it when they came back.
5. A man invited Shaun and his companion in and told them he had been in prison for many years. After they were inside (with the door shut) he told them he had been in prison for murdering his best friend.
6. Just recently Shaun and his companion found an inactive member who wanted to take the discussions. During the first discussion this man (who is in his 60's and in a wheelchair) couldn't take his eyes off of Shaun's companion. A few minutes later the man reached over and touched Shaun's companions head and said "Look at that sexy red hair." At the end of the discussion the man offered to give the prayer. As they were leaving he grabbed Shaun's companions arm and said "Your arm is really beautiful." They found out the next day that this man has been accused of child molestation more than once. I'm guessing they haven't been back.


1. Chinese Stars (Shaun assured me he only throws them at boxes and I don't need to worry one bit)
2. Shaun has become obsessed with ties. He left with 20 and now has 68, most purchased for under a dollar at thrift stores. His goal is to come home with 100 ties.
3. A lamp: the base is shaped like an owl, another thrift store bargain. He was super excited about this but I have no idea why.


At a dinner appointment with a member family their five year old daughter brought a huge knife into the living room. She then announced calmly that she was going to stab and kill Shaun and his companion.


One of Shaun's companions told him he was too jovial for a missionary. I sent Shaun a bowling magazine (as a joke) and when his companion saw it he said, "Elder is this really appropriate reading material for a missionary?"


1. Shaun and his current companion play a game with their garbage. They stack it as high as possible, way above the top of the trash can. The first one to make something fall off the top has to take the garbage out. I think Shaun loses at this more than he wins but he's getting better.
2. Shaun and 3 other Elders were stuck inside one day because the snow was too bad to be out driving in. So they had a great idea. They made snow creations. The best by far was the snow toilet complete with a handle for flushing. Then they took turns sitting on their frozen masterpiece in their suits holding an Ensign. The pictures are hilarious but I won't post them because it's a visual you won't be able to get out of your mind.
3. Hanging on a coat rack


For some reason (unknown) Shaun has been asked several times recently if he sells produce.


A live bat


Shaun painted his foot black to look like a sock. Why? I don't know.

Seriously though, Shaun is a great missionary. He likes to have fun but he also works very hard. He is a district leader and loves teaching the gospel. 7 months and 10 days to go!


And just a short kidney update: They are still dumb. My GFR went up to 20 but now it's back down to 14 this week. It's a crazy battle I'm fighting and I'm not winning yet. Well.....maybe next time the numbers will be better.


  1. I LOVE hearing about Shaun. I am so glad he is having fun while being a missionary too. And I love the pictures too.

  2. Awww, that makes me miss my Shauny boy. I love him to pieces and I'm glad you did this blog because I miss out on lots of the stuff in the letters now. Love ya!

  3. Um, is he in Psycho County? C-R-A-Z-Y.

    Linda, I'm so glad you're back on-line! Do your neighbors know you benefit from their wireless connection? That is so funny! If you were my neighbor, you could totally be part of my network, security enabled or not. I don't feel that way about my current neighbors so I've re-enabled my security.

  4. Of course my neighbors don't know but I guess if they ever found out I had a blog they would know I benefit from their internet. We gave them expensive, really good cookies from Paradise Bakery for Christmas so that sort of makes up for it.

  5. Great blog Lindafer! You are one funny writer (sometimes)your blog is my favorite to read. Keep blogging. And then write a novel. Seriously.

  6. Loved reading it! You make me smile!

  7. linda you're so funny! and so is shaun! oh boy that kid is awesome... i think i'm going to have to paint my foot like a rock sometime... nothing else to do in ephraim... :)
    guess what? i'm coming home again on friday! yay spring break...

  8. Awwww....this made me miss Shaun! I can't wait until October! I love all the stories and the pics. He is such a great missionary.

  9. Look, i know i don't post that often, but I'm still demanding you post again!!!

  10. Wow Kenz! You are getting bold........just give me a few more days and I'll have something ready.