Sunday, March 15, 2009

I made my bed today!

So I'm sure everyone is thinking "no big deal". You all probably make your beds everyday. I haven't made my bed in a long time because I spend 70% of my day there. But since I am coming to terms with the fact that I have a chronic illness I am also having to accept that I have limitations. Almost every night for the last 3 months I have gone to bed thinking I will feel better the next day and I will be able to accomplish amazing things. And every morning about 5 minutes after I get up I realize that my thinking is positive but my body is not cooperating. This, of course, was starting to be a big problem because I was so frustrated with what I could not do. So a few weeks ago I decided that I had to quit beating myself up for how I felt. Chronic Kidney Disease sucks and it has drained all my energy. That doesn't mean I'm giving up it just means I have had to readjust my thinking. So now I try to set a few small goals every day that are reasonable. And if I even get one thing accomplished then I feel like the day has been successful. But for the last 10 days one of my goals every day has been to put clean sheets on my bed. And every day it hasn't happened. First one corner of the bottom sheet started coming off and I thought "no big deal because I am changing those sheets today." Then another corner came off and all of the sudden my sheets were half way down the bed. A week later I saw that my sheets were hanging off the end of my bed. Sonja I know that you are probably really grossed out at this point because I was just sleeping on my mattress. I really cared but the tiredness and pain were so intense that I just couldn't make myself do it. But today I did it. I put new sheets on my bed and made it look all nice. And it only took about an hour. I had to stop and rest a lot but I finished it and that is what's important.

So I took a picture just to prove I did it. It won't look like this for long because I will be needing another nap in a few minutes. Suri was happy with the bed because she will only lay on it when it's made. My cat even has higher cleaning standards than me right now. That's a little pathetic.

And if you were wondering what I look at while I'm laying in bed: It's TINA TURNER! She's everywhere in my room. Tina is my hero and has been my inspiration for years. She has had so many obstacles to deal with and has come out on top in spite of her past. Besides the fact that she's a famous singer, has millions of dollars, lives in France and practices Buddhism we actually have quite a bit in common.

Okay there is a slight possibility I am a little obsessed with Tina Turner because there is a lot more Tina stuff in my room that I did not take pictures of.


  1. Linda! You make me laugh but people are going to think I'm crazy!

    We have nearly identical comforters, I am not kidding! I will take a picture the next time I make my bed. Much as I prefer a neatly made bed, I rarely do it so no picture today.

    Wow, you and Tina Turner, I had no idea. That is fascinating!

  2. i make my bed once a month..... or more. so you're miles ahead of me. :)
    i'm proud of you for accomplishing your goal tho mama morrow! you are an amazing woman and i hope you know that!
    i don't quite understand your tina turner obsession tho... haha... once for your birthday i tried to find you something with tina turner on it. i failed... i think i made you a pie or cookies instead.
    i love you! keep taking it one step at a time!

  3. YAY! You accomplished your goal. Every day for the past 2 weeks you told me that you were going to put new sheets on your bed and I was starting to lose hope. I'm so glad that you have sheets on your mattress now. You're the bestest mom and I miss you tons! If I were there I would make your bed for you!

  4. Linda I am very impressed with your new attitude. You rock. I totally get why you love Tina Turner. I watched a movie about her that made me grasp how amazing she is; I am with you that you are a lot like Tina Turner.

    I am always worried that I am going to call you when you are sleeping so I have been trying not to bother you. Call me when you are up to talking. :)

  5. You go girls! You are doing great and so is Tina! Can I help with the bed next time? I'm very good at making beds. This, however, does not come from personal daily practice!


  6. Go Momma! I love you so much! Congrats on making your bed. :) I love watching One Life to Live on it with you now!

  7. Way to go! Now just sleep on top of the comforter for a while to keep it looking nice.