Friday, June 26, 2009


Every choice we make in life seems to bring about some sort of consequence. Sometimes the end result is good and other times it is not not so good. So over the past several weeks I have thought a lot about how each choice we make not only affects us but others in our lives. So with that being said here are some of the consequences that have recently been on my mind.

1. CONSEQUENCES OF TAKING A LAMINATED SAFETY CARD: I obviously took (or stole according to some people) the laminated safety card off the airplane with me back in May. I didn't think it was a big deal or that it would cause any controversy. But when Cierra asked Kristin if I would be going to jail or prison for taking the safety card I decided to mail it back to Frontier. And although I would like to have kept it just as a "souvenir" I can't have my seven year old granddaughter thinking I am a thief.

2. CONSEQUENCES OF NOT USING SUNBLOCK AT THE BEACH: Well of course that would be a sunburn. But it was not an ordinary sunburn. It was on my foot, got a huge blister that popped and and then it got infected with strep. Six weeks later it is almost healed and had to be treated with antibiotics. If things like looking at "strep on a foot" bothers you just skip over the next picture. Actually the picture was taken after it had been healing for over 2 weeks and was looking much better. I still wouldn't trade it away for my day at the beach.


3. CONSEQUENCES OF HAVING A BABY: On May 30th my absolutely amazing little grandson Tanner turned two. I am so in love with that boy I can't imagine my life without him now. He calls me "Baga" and I am totally enchanted with everything he does. I remember a few years ago feeling so overwhelmed with the thought of a new baby in the house. And although it has been very challenging at times here we are 2 years later and Tanner is the best part of every day.

Too cool!

This is Tanner trying to look innocent after doing something naughty.

This is Tanner looking very concerned that Stanley (Ericka's dog) might take his fire log.

4. CONSEQUENCES OF PLANNING AN OUTDOOR BIRTHDAY PARTY IN MAY: Megan had a party for Tanner on his birthday and invited almost 60 people and at least 50 of them showed up. This shouldn't have been a big problem since the party was a water party and in the backyard. The problem was that about halfway through the party the thunder, lightning and rain started........ and all 50 people had to come inside.

Yes all of these people came inside. If you are wondering why there are no pictures of Tanner it's because he hated his party and cried almost the entire 2 hours.

5. CONSEQUENCES OF GOING TO SCHOOL: On June 4th Megan graduated from high school. This is not an easy thing to do with a child and yet she was determined to finish. She ended up getting her best grades ever during her senior year. She even had a 4.0 one quarter. She will be starting college in August and wants to get a degree in Behavioral Sciences (maybe she's not totally sure yet). She got a $1,000 scholarship from Comcast that her school had to nominate her for. I am so proud of the great choices Megan is making for her and Tanner.

Ericka and Malcolm surprised Megan and came for her graduation. She had no idea they were coming but she was ecstatic when they showed up on May 26th!




Caden was diagnosed with autism over year ago. At the time he could not talk at all. Now because of Kristin's persistence, home therapy, speech therapy and behavioral therapy he is talking like a champ and learning how to be socially appropriate. His progress has been incredible. He
turned 3 on June 13th and is an amazing little guy who calls me "Bramma." I love listening to him talk especially because he was using all signs a year ago. His hugs and kisses are very limited but always worth the wait. When I'm not around him it feels like a little piece of me is missing.

Caden is slightly obsessed with Batman right now (I know it's hard to tell from the pictures)

Stanley is a dog that Ericka and Malcolm love and treat almost like a real child. I can sum up how I feel about dogs in one sentence. Our 10 year old dog Giddion ran away 3 years ago (July 2nd, 2006 to be exact) and it still ranks up at the top of my list of favorite days. I know it's mean but I just don't like dogs. But I agreed to let Stanley come along with Ericka and Malcolm (I'm not really sure I had a choice). Here is a list of things Stanley chewed up or destroyed while he was here:

8 squirt guns
1 spray bottle

1 sprinkler

1 leash (his own)

2 of his own toys

1 big blanket

3 balls

377 sticks and logs
1 dead bird (I added that for you Sonja to let you know there are easier ways than picking them up yourself)
The weird thing is I kind of like Stanley now.

Always chewing!

Cierra fell in love with Stanley and wanted to be his constant companion. Stanley got so excited that he knocked her down a few times (hard). But she got over it quick and went back to being his pal.

8. CONSEQUENCES OF HAVING GRANDCHILDREN: They grow up too fast and it means I keep getting older. Mackenzie looks like a teenager and she is not even 12 yet. She is the cutest, sweetest, smartest, funniest, most well behaved girl and I absolutely adore her! (Maybe next time you will be able to beat me at Scrabble Kenz)

Look at the earrings Kenz is wearing. I bought them for myself but Megan said they looked like they were for a 12 year old so I reluctantly gave them away.

9. CONSEQUENCES OF WAITING TO FIND THE RIGHT GUY TO MARRY: That would be Malcolm. He totally fits in with our family (sad for him) and he is perfect for Ericka. The more I am around him the more I love and appreciate him.

9. CONSEQUENCES OF BEING ON STEROIDS: Another new infections that started 2 and 1/2 weeks ago. After 3 days the tendon was showing in the open wound. I was on a maintenance antibiotic when I got the infection. Now I am back on IV antibiotics. I'm pretty sure my steroid days are coming to an end. My docs are all consulting this week and I will know more soon. Don't worry..........I'm not putting any pictures up of this infection.

This is pretty much what I do all week right now. Antibiotics, get new IV's placed at the hospital every 3 days, blood work and doctor's appointments. I'm getting a PIC line on Monday and I'm not one bit excited about it

Having Kristin, Kenzie, Cierra, Caden, Malcolm, Ericka and even Stanley here for almost a month was so much fun. (Kristin and her family are moving back to Utah on July 27th.....HOORAY!) The constant rain ruined some of our plans but we found other things to do. Tanner was sad to have everyone leave and didn't quite understand what happened. He has asked for Malcolm and Cierra the most. Chad (who is working in Arizona) got to fly home for a few days. He got in just hours after everyone left. Tanner was so happy to see him that he forgot how bad he wanted everyone else to come back. Tanner is Chad's biggest fan especially since Chad bought him a police car with a very loud, realistic siren while he was here. Megan actually thought she was being pulled over by the police one day because Tanner pushed the siren button while they were in the car. I dropped Chad off at the airport Sunday and I would say our house is back to being quiet........but with Tanner it's never quiet! Shaun's release date (from his mission, not prison) is in less than 4 months. Everyone will be back then plus Ben, Mary and their 3 kids.


  1. Excellent blog mom! Malcolm and I both agree that you have great blogging skills. I'm so glad we got to come and spend time there and that you actually lie and tell people you like Stanley. :) Love ya!

  2. Are you sure that he chewed up 377 sticks?!?! That's insane!!!

  3. Mackenzie HAS to stop growing up! I can't believe how old she looks in that picture! Great post. You can always make things feel more positive than they actually are. I can't wait for Shauny boy to get home. It will be the first time that we've all been together (the siblings) in a long time! Plus we'll have two new babies then :)

  4. I love this post. I am thinking that you should write a book now---you have a knack for it and I am sure your your children would agree with me too!

  5. consequences... of being the first to comment on linda's blog:
    it's true. i was first. and was DELETED. on accident of course but still...
    i love you linda :) beautiful blog.
    ps... the infection picture totally made me sick. no lie. and the warning does no good because by the time you see the warning, you've already seen the sicknast infection!

  6. Awesome post! Master Blogger!!
    Had I only known Stanley was here my bird trauma would never have been--thanks for thinking of me Linda.

  7. I just stumbled upon your blog through Brooke's and I just wanted to tell you that I think of you often and I think you are an amazing woman!

  8. whoa whoa whoa.. two new babies!? Where are they coming from??

    Tanner is sooo cute and I'm so glad I could come to his birthday party and see everyone. His picture is funny of him and his 'fire log.' I used to play with blocks and jacks when I was little.. how times have changed.

    I am so happy that you like Stanley now. He's real cute. Even though i didn't get to see him cuz he was.. getting some THINGS taken care of.

    I'm SO HAPPY for Megan that she graduated and got a scholarship!! WAHOO! Is she going to go to slcc? Tell her I think she should go into dental hygiene and she would be awesome and love it.

    I'm sorry about your infection and roids... I hope the doctors got something figured out! :(

    And best of all... Shaun's coming home soon!!! I'm so so so excited! He's so great. I hope he's still Shaun and not all weird. That happens sometimes! But I will accept him and love him just the same. I'm just not sure how I'm going to break it to him that our plan isn't going to work of getting married December 9th, 2010. See, at first the plan was that we'd wed. Then if I couldn't wait until then, I'd get married, divorced, THEN we'd wed! Now.. I think I kinda like Jonathon and quite frankly I'd like to keep him around! Sigh, poor guy. I'll have to send him a 'dear john' letter this week in the mail.