Sunday, July 19, 2009

I earned so many points!

If you think this picture is cute then don't read any further.

The Point System: I've always thought of my life in terms of a point system. It's kind of like Monopoly but without the money. In Monopoly you start out with a certain amount of money and you earn more as you go and you lose money along the way. You also get money every time you pass go.

It's the same with the point system. I figure that I started my life with 100,000 points and every time I do something good I add points and when I do something wrong I lose points. When I pass another birthday each year I automatically get to collect 20,000 points. So when I take something off an airplane with me (that's not really mine) I lose about 3,000 points but by mailing it back I earned 2,000 points. When I yell at other drivers and call them names I again lose a big amount of my points but if I let someone go in front of me in line at a store I earn points. I lose points for complaining, listening to rap music, watching Grey's Anatomy, laughing when Tanner is being so so naughty and frustrating his momma, getting new tattoos (just kidding about that one).......well anyway the list goes on and on. My points have been dwindling lately, even dipping slightly in the negative but that has all changed now.

I think I am finally back on track with my points. I am out of the negative and it just took 20 minutes to turn everything around. What I did was so unbelievable I'm sure I earned at least 50,000 points. It's no big secret that I really really really really dislike dogs. Sorry Stanley, Sarge and are the exceptions, sort of kind of.

This is how all dogs look to me.

So here's how it happened and how I earned so many points. Several weeks ago I went to someones house I had never been to before. After knocking, the door opened and the first thing I noticed was a little dog yapping very loud.

Innocent looking, yes, but making devious plans.

I felt good about this because I was sure that it meant the dog did not like me and would stay away from me. The more the dog yapped the better I felt. I sat down and immediately the little dog jumped right into my lap. It was a moment of pure horror for me. Now if the dog would have jumped right back down I probably could have handled it. But NO the dog decided to make himself very comfortable and just laid there. And because of the way I feel about dogs it was just torture.

Totally relaxed!

The dog's owner said "I hope you like dogs." I just smiled (I didn't lie and say that I did). My hope at this point was that the family would say to their dog "Get back here and don't bother her!" But that didn't happen. In fact they said, "Wow he doesn't usually like people this much. He must be able to sense how you feel about him." So I was thinking it must be a very dumb dog because if he only knew what I was thinking about him at that moment he would have run.

Run fast....get away!

There are mainly three reasons that I have such a hard time with dogs. 1. You have to pet them when they get close to you (or the owner thinks you are mean) and the more you pet them the more they want you to keep petting them......which brings me to reason 2. If you ignore dogs and don't pet them they start to sniff you. And sniffing can be awkward. And 3. Usually when they are done sniffing you the licking starts. So if you pay attention to the dog and pet it then there is a chance it will leave you alone but there's also a chance it will sniff and lick because the dog thinks you like it. (And sniffing and licking are just gross) It's such a dilemma!

Getting ready to sniff!

Getting ready to lick!

So I decided to pretend I liked this little dog and I started petting him. The dog was obviously not going to leave and had gotten very comfortable in my lap. My goal, of course, was to not get sniffed or licked. I thought by petting him (no matter how difficult it was) I could be in control of the situation. This went on for a good five minutes and I was feeling pretty confident that I had outsmarted this dog. So just when I started to relax a little and think I could handle things.........IT HAPPENED. The dog started licking my pants! This dog totally skipped step 2 so I had no warning about what was going to happen. I was really very happy that he had not sniffed me.......but why did he feel the need to lick my pants? They were clean and smelled like good laundry soap and fabric softener. I tried several times to "gently" move his head but he was determined to keep licking me.

Looking evil and satisfied!

This went on for what seemed like hours, even though it was probably only 20 minutes. So in less than a half an hour a dog sat in my lap, I touched him and he licked me.

And that is how I earned 50,000 points.
(No comments from PITA please.....I already know I have a defect when it comes to liking dogs)

The best kind of dog.

And for anyone who is still thinking that I had something to do with Giddion's will have to decide if you believe me or not.


  1. so i have a confession linda....

    i'm not really that fond of dogs either. sometimes i think they're cute...from a distance... but i really hate the sniffing licking thing.....

    but you definately earned those 50,000 points, because had it been me, i would have discreetly shoved the dog off my lap when no one was looking.

    don't tell anyone. ;)

  2. Oh the experiences we have when we go visiting teaching. I am just so glad he didn't cuddle up on my lap! :) He spot the good woman!

  3. I guess you did earn a few points for the dog sitting on your lap and licking you, but the real test will be for you to get a dog for Tanner.

  4. Well you know how I feel about dogs, so I totally agree with all that you said. That little mutt would have been off my lap and on the floor in about 3 seconds. So, you definitely earned some points. I would have lost a bunch if I had been there.

  5. I thought you had already earned a gazillion points by letting Ericka and Malcolm bring Stanley to your home!!

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  7. Well, now I wanna know what MacKenzie's post said!

    Thanks for the special shout out to Cosmo, though, I know he would not only jump on your lap, sniff, and lick you, but probably would also pee on your leg and mark you as his own. He very in charge like that. But he sure is cute!

    Congratulations on earning 50,000 points. Can you go into point retirement now or does that only apply to... dog world points?