Friday, December 19, 2008


Only 5 days until Christmas Eve.
It is cold and snowy again. I think it's a given that I pretty much have no nice feelings about snow or cold whatsoever. So this morning as I walked into Target with the icy wind blowing in my face, I once again started to say mean (but true) things in my head about the weather. The comments go like this: "I hate cold. I hate snow. I really, really wish it was warm". So it occurred to me that maybe I should try a different approach to my severe dislike of cold. And I tried saying these things instead: "I have a really warm house to live in. I have a jacket and gloves." Of course I survived my shopping trip and eventually warmed up a little. And then tonight when I had to go out and shovel snow I tried very hard to be positive. I even told myself that the snow looked beautiful (a complete lie) and that we need snow for the water supply next summer. My arms ached, my legs had some serious muscle cramping going on, my back hurt and my fingers were frozen by the time I was done. BUT I am so grateful for my coat, gloves and warm house. (AND.......I still hate snow) New Mexico is looking better all the time.


  1. Mom! You should not have been shoveling snow!!! Next time you need to call me. Were you making snow angels again?

    So, how soon can I expect you in Roswell?

  2. Howdy new blogger. Welcome to the blog world. I'm going to email everyone about your blog so they can read about your exciting life! I miss you mommy!

  3. OK, you should not be shoveling snow PERIOD my dear friend! Always call me before you even think about shoveling snow. We need to help you with this one for now on!!!

    I don't want you to be doing snow angels (like Kristin said :) either).

  4. Snow angels are the best!! You should all know me well enough to know that I would never ask for help shoveling. But I appreciate your concern.
    (I miss you too Ericka)

  5. Linda Morrow? You have a blog? I feel so behind the times! You are hilarious! Who are your home teachers?? They should be shoveling for you (without you having to ask!) I curse the cold too, just so you know.