Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What do doctors know anyway? (Sorry Ben)

So I went to my infectious disease doctor today. She's the one who is in charge of all the antibiotics I take for my infections. She tends to frustrate me and yet I really like her. She has a very different philosophy than most of the doctors I see. She puts her patients in charge (with limitations) of their own treatment. I already have a hard enough time making simple decisions about where to go for lunch and what to make for dinner........ so you can see why this can be problematic for me. Anyway after about 40 minutes of talking (yes she really spends that much time with each patient) she said "Some people would just rather have their foot amputated to avoid further infections and problems and learn to walk with a prosthetic foot. And then there are people who just want to wait and see what will happen. Those people usually end up having to get their foot amputated anyway but they feel better just waiting". I'm thinking that my doctor really thinks it is a good idea to get an amputation but she doesn't want to just come out and say it. So then I asked her if that was her opinion and she said "It's not my choice and I can't tell you what to do. You have to do what you feel is best for you". So I said since my infection is in "remission" right now then I'm not going to have my foot cut off. And she adds (just to make her point really clear) "You know you are in denial about your health". Well......maybe I am in denial a little but I want my foot and I'm keeping it for now! And that is my FINAL decision.......for the moment anyway. I did leave with a prescription for a lot of Clindamycin which I can take whenever I feel the infection coming back. That way I can take the antibiotics for 10 days and avoid the infections getting so horrendous. And for now I can keep dreaming about living on the beach with 2 feet (minus 2 toes) and walking blissfully in the warm sand. I love denial.

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  1. Well mom, you are definitely in denial. I love you though. Happy Boxing Day