Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Kristin and her family made it to the LAND OF ENCHANTMENT yesterday. That's really what New Mexico is called. I know that is hard to believe but it's true. After 2 days of traveling, 18 1/2 hours in a mini van and 3 very sick kids (complete with vomiting and bathroom issues)........they arrived in the not so enchanted city of Roswell. I know I am very lucky to have never seen a cockroach and I know that cockroaches are everywhere.......but I will not move to New Mexico no matter how much I miss Kristin and her adorable children. Even after extensive bug spraying Kristin said yet another cockroach wandered out this morning and died a slow torturous death. And there is actually a tarantula season in Roswell. You could walk outside and see 20 or more of the furry creatures on your front lawn. Oh and the scorpions! They are the worst because they are poisonous. If those creatures aren't enough of a deterrent, Roswell is known for "Aliens" and even the local Wal Mart has pictures of aliens in the windows. If the residents are trying to make the city less appealing then they have succeeded. But the weather is nice in New Mexico in the winter. It was in the 60's when they arrived. Kristin's husband does have a great job in The Land of Enchantment and I'm sure they will make New Mexico a great experience. I am already missing Kristin and her kids terribly. I miss Ericka more than she knows too. It has definitely been a year of losses. If one of my kids would just move to a beach city I'd be there in a minute.

And just a little update to my last post: Doctors may know something. According to my bloodwork I have a pretty good infection going on (so much for remission). I'm taking Levaquin for 10 days and then having more tests done. All the positive thinking in the world is not fixing my medical problems. I need a small miracle at this point.


  1. I am so sorry your have another infection! You poor thing! Does Levaquin make you sick? I sure hope not! You were right about knowing something wasn't up with your body.

    Kristin sounds like she is up for a lot of interesting adventures with all the creatures to entertain her.

  2. Awwww.....come on Mom.....you would love it here! We even saw a squirrel on our patio today! I miss you very much and I just want to come home. I'm actually not sure how I'm going to survive here without everyone. I'm sorry that you're sick again. I wish I could be there to take care of you. Love you.

  3. Hi Linda, how long can a person (you) have a chronic infection and not be completely depleted? I think this is sucking the life out of you!!

    I say, tell your doctor you want a recommendation of what to do--what she thinks is best--and then do it. If it turns out to be awful, you can blame it on her. I'm all for passing the buck. Just kidding.

    I hope there's a good outcome.

    I lived in place with cockroaches and one hid beneath the collar of my shirt and ran across my head. I was traumatized.

  4. Sonja.....I thought it was you.
    These infections ARE wiping me out. The big problem now is that my foot actually looks good so they are not sure where the latest infection originated from. My doctor is still suspicious of the foot because of the MRI but just not sure.
    I'm sorry you were traumatized by a cockroach. Kristin emailed me a picture of a giant one today and it looked DISGUSTING!

  5. Hey, Bishop Cook speaks Portuguese, maybe he could give you some insight into your newest follower.